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Terms and conditions

We offer three payment options:
- Via PayPal (which also accepts credit card payment)
- By bank transfer.
- On delivery, the amount of run from your account.
We will dispatch by mail within 24-48 hours after confirmation of payment. If you decide to pay by transfer, please send proof of payment and speed up the process

If we made an error in the engraving, we will replace the same tag without charge. It is not possible to add or remove anything except our mistakes. Check the data very well, because if the error is in your order can not fix it for free.
Models with inlaid stones have very good strength, but we do not guarantee that you can not drop a stone.
If there is a risk of biting the sheets, we recommend to choose models of metal.
Any problems you have with the process, please turn to us. Remember that we are looking forward to starting this project and want to do it well!

For orders of 25€ for Europe and 30€ for the rest of the World, we guarantee the reception, with normal delivery costs.